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Elephir nautica-leek

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Thanks to the adjustable leg loops, the Ophir 3 Slide is an all-rounder for rock and ice climbing. This harness is distinguished by maximum freedom of movement, top comfort and optimum breathability, thanks to the Mammut® two-part webbing technology, as well as its successful, asymmetrical design. The kit includes a belay device, locking carabiner, chalk bag and chalk ball.


  • Greater comfort thanks to padding on the 30 mm harness webbing
  • Special safety features prevent incorrect use
  • Full safety and easy adjustment through 4 Slide Bloc buckles
  • Icons show the correct position of the belt
  • Textile tie-in loops
  • Designed for children

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Elephir nautica-leek 211001100_v_5461 USD$ 59.95 View Details