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Ophir Rental nautica-smoke

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The Ophir Rental was developed in close cooperation with climbing gym operators, making it perfect for use in gyms and for training. Based on the successful Ophir 4 Slide, this is the first time that Mammut’s comfortable two-part webbing design in the hip belt and leg loops is featured in a rental harness. The harness also comes complete with a wide range of safety features: Tie-in section highlighted in color, dogbones on the ends of the webbing to prevent the harness webbing from unthreading from the buckle and high-strength gear loops to ensure maximum safety for this breathable harness for the rental business.


  • Special two-part webbing construction ensures maximum comfort
  • A different color for each size
  • Special safety features prevent incorrect use
  • Icons show the correct position of the belt
  • Full safety and easy adjustment through 4 Slide Bloc buckles
  • 2 very strong gear loops

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