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10.0 Sensor ocean 70

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An absolute world first – the 10.0 Sensor is the first rope with both visual and sensible markings. These markings allow both belayer and climber to see and feel that they are coming close to the end or middle of the rope. The BiCo Sense technology is therefore an important safety feature, since it allows the belayer looking up to the climber to be aware when he or she is paying out rope beyond the middle or is reaching the end of the rope when lowering the climber. This feature will be particularly appreciated by gym climbers and sport climbers. The 10.0 Sensor is also equipped with the superDRY™ finish, giving the rope long-lasting resistance to dirt and water.


  • BiCo Sense technology
  • The world's first rope with visual and haptic markings on the end and in the middle
  • Haptic markings help to improve safety when belaying and releasing

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