Shield EXP 3-Season

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Shield EXP 3-Season 195

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Small, compact and high performance, these are the key features of the 4,400 mAh lithium ion battery for the X-Sun headlamp. The battery’s two-cell lithium ion technology is distinguished by optimal energy density combined with minimum weight, low self-discharging of the cells and high temperature resistance in cold conditions. The X-Sun is perfect for any activity of your choice, while replacement Mammut batteries ensure you are always equipped with sufficient energy for any tour.


  • The innovative design (patented) allows the seams on the upper side of a down sleeping bag to be completely avoided. Each seam is a weak point. The necessary seams on the side/underside are fully bonded
  • Convertible Roof – protects the head area against rain and snow
  • Dual Zip – two half zips on both sides allow the user to take both arms to read or cook
  • The shelterTX™ outer fabric with waterproof yet breathable membrane offers excellent protection in rain and snow
  • The Shield is a sleeping bag and bivouac bag in one, but is lighter and cheaper than the combination of the two
  • Contains non-textile parts of animal origin (down or leather)

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Shield EXP 3-Season 195 241000931_v_195 USD$ 579.95 View Details